The talented 7th & 8th grade drama students treated students, faculty, and parents to a fantastic production of Middle School Musical on March 4th and 10th. Written and directed by our drama teacher, Valerie Issembert, the production also featured scenic art designed by the 7th & 8th grade art students and a pit orchestra comprised of the 7th & 8th grade music students.


Middle School Musical from ACDS on Vimeo.

First graders ended their study of dental hygiene by learning about the ingredients in toothpaste and ultimately making their own.  In the first session, students learned about the four ingredients in toothpaste; calcium carbonate, ivory soap flakes, glycerin, and water.  Students then completed a feel test and foam test on each ingredient, and discussed their importance to the consistency of toothpaste.  In the second session, the first graders did a cleaning test, trying to find out which ingredient would clean the best.  They each had a tile with a blueberry stain on the back and used only one ingredient to scrub their stain for a brief period of time.  When the cleaning was done, all groups decided that the soap cleaned the best.  The purpose of the feel, foam, and clean tests was to help first graders make decisions about what they thought was important to have in their own toothpaste concoctions.  The third and final session was all about making toothpaste.  Each first grader mixed his or her own combination of each ingredient and added flavorings; mint, vanilla, and lemon.  The toothpaste results were very interesting with consistencies from very soupy to dry and pasty.   At the end of the session, the students sealed up their toothpaste containers and took them home to use that night.  The first graders had a lot of fun and learned some great lessons about proper measurement and consistency, along with how toothpaste helps to keep our teeth clean.

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