Like other independent schools, Alexandria Country Day School is governed by an independent, self-perpetuating Board of Trustees.  The Board is responsible for the School’s strategic oversight and direction, including the financial well-being of the School.  The day-to-day managerial responsibility for the entire organization is delegated to the Head of School who is hired by and reports to the Board.  The Board approves an annual budget and long-term financial plan for the School; ensures that the School’s reserve funds are invested safely and appropriately; and oversees the development of the School’s strategic plan.

The Board of Trustees’ By-Laws state that the Board is to be made up of a group of 16 – 22 members each of whom serves for no more than two 3-year terms.  The Head of School also serves as a non-voting member.   Additionally, each Board Member plays an active role on at least one of the following committees throughout his/her tenure: Advancement, Facilities, Finance, Head Support & Evaluation, and Trustees.  The By-Laws allow for additional ad hoc committees to be created and dissolved as needed.  Past ad hoc committees have included a Capital Campaign Committee, Construction Committee, and Strategic Planning Committee.


The Selection Process

The Board strives to retain a diverse membership of parents, alumni, alumni parents, and community members. In evaluating candidates, the Board considers affiliation with the school, level of involvement in school life, professional experience, skills, diversity, strategic orientation, and the capacity to support the school financially, although no one of these factors alone is determinative. The Board of Trustees will also assess the areas of expertise that are rolling off of the board and actively trying to fill those slots for the upcoming year, while remaining open to all qualified candidates.

The formal call for nominations goes out in January to both current Board of Trustee members and to the ACDS community at large through the Friday Flier in order to compile a list of potential candidates. The Board of will evaluate and vet candidates in the months of January and February. Candidate interviews begin in March, with the final board nominations being voted on by the Board of Trustees in April, and formal Board of Trustee acceptance letters going out in May.

If you are interested in submitting a nomination, please fill out the Nomination Form and submit it to Anita Donaldson, the Chair of the Trustees Committee, at


Areas of Expertise

Area of expertise the Board of Trustees is always on the lookout for include, but are not limited to: Financial Management/Banking, Marketing & Sales, Media & Public Relations, Facilities Management/Engineering, Project Management, Legal, Information Systems, Information Technology, Crisis Management, Risk Management, Strategic Planning/Management, Fundraising, Diversity & Inclusivity, Government Relations, Non-Profit Governance, Personnel Management, Human Resources, Community Engagement, and Education.


Alexandria Country Day School 2018-2019 Board of Trustees

Keith Burner, President (2012)
Stephen Bearce (2018)
Anita Donaldson, Trustees Committee Chair (2014)
Cara Duffield, Head Support & Evaluation Committee Chair (2013)
Allison Erdle, Advancement Committee Chair (2014)
Mo Fathelbab (2016)
Mimi Glaize (2018)
Susan Howells (2018)
Amanda Joyner (2017)
Andy Kean (2015)
Julie Kearney (2018)
Atilla Kocsis (2016)
Kevin Kuntz (2017)
Keith Larson, Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair (2014)
Allen Lyubinsky (2017)
Edith Naegele (2017)
Michael O’Leary (2018)
Ryan Smethurst (2015)
Mark Vallaster, Facilities Committee Chair (2014)
Juan Zarate (2014)
Scott Baytosh, Head of School, ex officio

(year) indicates the year a Trustee began his or her Board service on July 1st