Challenge students intellectually; inspire their confidence, curiosity, and creativity; and prepare them to thrive in a diverse and complex world by ensuring that they are independent learners, effective communicators, community minded citizens, and balanced individuals.

It All Starts Here

Your child’s kindergarten through eighth grade years are a crucial time for developing all dimensions of his or her intellect and character.

At ACDS, we provide a more personalized experience for your child, which leads to superior preparation for continuing academic and personal success.

  • Our curriculum and instruction challenges top students while meeting the needs of all students by offering flexibility, effective assessment, an array of methodologies, thoughtfully integrated use of technology, and a student-centered approach.
  • Our unique emphasis on speaking, writing, and multimedia communication skills across all curricular areas better prepares students for school, work, and life.
  • Our approach to assessment encourages reflection, self-awareness, and critical thinking, skills that are essential to future academic success.  Our students are better able to work with others, ask questions, organize workload, and seek both challenge and support.
  • Our attention to balance and social-emotional learning help our students become kind, empathetic, and community-minded citizens who are able to work effectively with others and know how to engage in respectful discourse.

ACDS graduates represent the type of generous, kind, thoughtful, articulate, and confident person you want your child to become.  They are successful at highly regarded independent day and boarding high schools, and in public school STEM, honors, and IB programs, including: Sidwell Friends School, St. Albans School, Maret School, National Cathedral School, Gonzaga College High School, St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes School, T.C. Williams STEM Academy, Georgetown Visitation, Woodberry Forest School, Mercersburg Academy, and The Potomac School.

The kindergarten through eighth grade years are a vital time to invest in your child’s education. Invest in ACDS.