The result of two years of inquiry, discussion, and data collection involving faculty, students, alumni, board members, and parents, our new Strategic Plan outlines a course of action designed to enable Alexandria Country Day School to shine as a leading school in Alexandria and the greater Washington, DC, area.

Our strategy for success includes five key initiatives:

  1. Continue to develop the School’s curriculum and instructional practices to align with the Portrait of a Graduate and reflect the School’s commitment to academic excellence and innovation.
  2. Cultivate a signature component of the School’s identity that is rooted in existing strengths and establish ACDS as a recognized leader in that practice.
  3. Attract and retain exceptional teachers and staff through forward-looking organizational practices.
  4. Strengthen the School community through efforts that promote inclusivity and diversity.
  5. Build endowment to strengthen the long-term financial stability of the School.

These strategic initiatives focus on the core of what we do: providing an unparalleled learning environment for children as they prepare for a future that will require confidence, intellect, sensitivity, creativity, and skill.  What is also evident in this focus on curriculum, instruction, teachers, and community is that we are affirming our essential qualities of being a small, nurturing school that is known for being “down to earth,” and focused on kids.  We seek to fill our school in its current structure with exemplary students who will thrive in an environment that provides strong relationships, challenging and creative academics, and an enduring commitment to community both within the school and beyond.

Gone are the days when a strategic plan is fixed in stone, put on a shelf, and forgotten until the next cycle.  Our environment is too dynamic for that.  Rather this plan will be a living document that will allow us to adapt to changing circumstances while maintaining clear objectives rooted in our mission and the Portrait of a Graduate.  We will evaluate our progress continually, take advantage of opportunities, and approach our work as we ask our students to: with an open mind, a spirit of inquiry, a commitment to excellence, and a focus on community.