I am so happy that you have decided to explore what Alexandria Country Day School may have to offer your child and your family!  Ours is a unique and vibrant community in which students learn deeply, play exuberantly, and reflect thoughtfully about the world and their places in it.  From those first days of Kindergarten to the day they leave our campus to take on the adventures of high school, ACDS students know that they are part of a community that is dedicated to their growth, well being, and happiness.

As you explore our site, pay close attention to our mission, which asserts that we strive for our students to be Independent Learners, Effective Communicators, Community Minded Citizens, and Balanced Individuals.  Hands-on learning, open-ended problem solving, and technology integration all encourage independent thinking and individual responsibility.  Speeches & Sweets, a unique public speaking program in place since our founding, exemplifies our commitment to effective communication, as does our dedicated attention to writing skills.  Our buddy program, service learning efforts, Festival of Learning, and advisory structures, all encourage a commitment to local and global community. And the space we create for play, exercise, and artistic endeavors speaks to our desire for students to develop a healthy appreciation for balance in their lives.

I also encourage you to consider carefully the importance of our Kindergarten through eighth grade structure.  We believe that a school community encompassing Kindergarten through eighth grade provides the best environment for students to grow, maintain their sense of childhood, learn about themselves, and establish a personal foundation for future success.  This model allows our oldest students to hone their leadership skills and develop their maturity during a particularly fragile and turbulent period of development, free of the pressures of a high school population.  At the same time, they are able to be kids and to enjoy the pleasures of play and exploration. As they stand on the threshold between eighth grade and high school, our graduates look out upon a wide array of options, aware of what they want and need and prepared to take on whatever challenge lies ahead.  ACDS students go on to attend the best high schools in the region, both independent and public, and make a difference in their communities.

While our website will give you an excellent overview of our school, there is no substitute for seeing us in person.  I encourage you to visit and see our students and teachers in action.  I am confident that you will feel the strong sense of community that exists here and discover what an ACDS education can offer your family.  We look forward to getting to know you.

Warm Regards,

Scott Baytosh
Head of School