“A child is well-served in the long run when you do what is right for them at their current stage of development. I am a big believer in K – 8 schools because they have the unique ability to focus on the day to day academic and emotional needs of the young and pre-adolescent child.”
-Jean Baldwin, CEP, Educational Consultant

Alexandria Country Day School believes that its kindergarten through eighth grade structure is among its greatest assets. From the teachers we hire to the facility we occupy and the curriculum we teach, our configuration allows us to focus on the unique needs of children ages 5-14 without the distractions and very different social and academic pressures faced by high school students.

At ACDS we know from more than 30 years of experience that the K – 8 configuration and our small size allow us to:

  • Balance intellectual maturation and social-emotional growth in an environment that is both nurturing and academically rigorous.

  • Know each student’s gifts and challenges and recognize individual development patterns.

  • Offer age-appropriate activities that make it possible for children to stay children a little longer.

  • Provide real leadership opportunities for young adolescents. At a time when they are typically feeling caught in the middle between childhood and high school, students in the 8th grade are school leaders and role models for younger students.

  • Hire faculty who understand the developmental needs of the children they teach and who believe that the relationships they foster with their students, both in the classroom and out, are crucial to each child’s confidence and success.

  • Give children the time to discover who they are as students and people. ACDS works closely with students and their families to help them choose a high school that is the right fit for their academic strengths and interests. Our graduates go on to excel in the area’s best high school programs and are often recognized leaders in the classroom, student government, the arts, and athletics.