The Physical Education Department at ACDS provides a physically and emotionally safe environment for students to pursue physical, mental, and social growth. Our goal is to equip each student with the knowledge and skills needed to lead a physically active life.

Students in Kindergarten through second grade learn locomotor, manipulative, and non-manipulative skills. Skipping, hopping, jumping, running, galloping, and walking are all examples of locomotor movements in which the children work to become proficient. Students also learn the basics of manipulative skills: volleying, dribbling, punting, kicking, and striking with implements. Additionally, the children work on non-manipulative skills, such as moving safely in the space, relationships with others and self, bending, twisting, rolling, balancing, and weight transfer.

Third and fourth graders apply skills acquired in the younger graders into game-like situations where they develop teamwork, leadership, and sportsmanship. Once in Middle School, students partake in a skills-based curriculum, providing them experience with invasion games, net games, striking games, outdoor education, and dance/fitness. They learn not only the rules of the games, but the strategic concepts to become successful.