ACDS is committed to the use of educational technology as a means of extending and enriching teaching and learning. In 2011, a 1:1 iPad initiative began in the fifth grade.  It was expanded to include the entire Middle School in 2012, then to third and fourth grades in 2013, and finally to all grades in 2015. The iPad initiative plus an innovation lab, the library media center, a digital video station, projectors, Apple TV devices, science sensors, and digital video and still cameras provide a connected, collaborative teaching and learning environment.

Technology is used by teachers to enhance instruction with video, simulations, primary source images, animations, audio recordings, and presentation slides that can be played back at a student’s individual pace and to connect students to information sources outside the school, such as in the field experts. Teachers also use technology to connect with students outside of class through our content management portal.

Students use technology to consume information and create projects that demonstrate knowledge and mastery of skills. Students use iPads to create movies, digital presentations, voice recordings, stop motion and time lapse video, edited and annotated photos, e-books, illustrations, and screen captures, choosing the technique that will best communicate their knowledge and understanding.