Dear ACDS Students,

“I graduated from ACDS more than 20 years ago, and I can honestly say that there is not a day that goes by that I don’t draw on something that I learned as the result of being a student here.  This place, its culture, and its way of being, made me who I am as a teacher, a learner, a writer, and a mother.” -Dana Frantz Bentley ’94
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“Though my years at ACDS took place some time ago, I will never forget my time there; I believe that my upbringing at this school helped me develop the same characteristics and practices that I pride myself on and that make me successful.” -Rachel Suleymanov ’15
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“I hope you learn as many things as I did.  Not only did I learn amazing facts, to critically analyze, and grow my writing skills, but I learned that trying new things can open so many new doors.” -Harper Darden ’15
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“I will never forget the teachers and staff.  I can name every teacher that I had in my three years, and they have all impacted my life, both educationally and personally.  That is part of what makes ACDS so special– the familial atmosphere.  You can’t get that feeling anywhere else.” -Cristian Medrano ’14
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“Looking back, Alexandria Country Day School easily provided the cornerstone of my education and I am forever grateful for it.  The small class size provided an atmosphere where I was able to find friends for life.  The teachers and class work inspired me through the rest of my education and really emphasized learning with an open mind.” -David Bell ’06
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