The purpose of the Association of Parents (AP) is to support ACDS in its effort to provide an excellent education in an environment conducive to optimum learning and development. The goals of the AP are as follows:

  • Serve as a focal point of communication between parents and the school administration

  • Support the school, faculty, administrators, and staff through volunteer efforts

  • Encourage a sense of community by providing opportunities for families to become acquainted

  • Provide educational opportunities for teachers and parents

The AP is a volunteer organization that relies on the time and enthusiasm of ACDS families. During the school year, the AP sponsors social events designed to increase the sense of community as well as provide educational sessions for parents. Events such as Fun Friday and the Fall Fair & Country Market are annual favorites. In addition, the AP sponsors events for the students, supports the Festival of Learning, and coordinates a Holiday Giving Program. Working with the Admissions Office, the AP sponsors a Host Family Program to welcome new families into the school.

The School community counts on involvement from as many families as possible, and there are many opportunities that vary in their demand on time and energy. All parents are encouraged to find ways to become involved.